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    Get Social: Financial Institution Customer Service Done Right Through Social Media

    Get Social: Financial Institution Customer Service Done Right Through Social Media

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    Embracing the ‘Social’ in Bank & Credit Union Customer Service…

    Social media is the absolute BEST place to embrace Bank & Credit Union member service. For small business and Fortune 500 companies alike, business owners cannot avoid this ’fad’ any longer. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere. So whether you are a small community bank, a local restaurant chain or a national conglomerate, here are some tips to get you into the ‘social’ mindset of customer service.

    Here are 5 tops tips to help you maximize your Social Media approach to customer service…

    1. Don’t Hide Behind Closed Doors
    All too often Bank & Credit Union staff worry that a negative comment or post will hurt their business, and undoubtedly we’ve have seen this happen. But what hurts a business more are complaints that are allowed to fester, and not be positively addressed.

    Instead, why not embrace the opportunity that Social Media offers to improve your customer's experience with your Financial Institution! Approach these posts from a ‘we will use this experience as a learning opportunity’ perspective. And then do just that!! When negative comments WILL be a problem is when others see a pattern of poor treatment that is not changing or quickly remedied.

    2. Don’t Be So Stiff!
    If a customer is really having fun with you and not disparaging your name or causing serious harm to your brand, why not just go with it? Make a joke right back. Play along. Good fun is a big part of why people are on Social Media in the first place and if you can bring them a chuckle they WILL share and like your posts and shares a lot more often!

    3. Have a Response Plan In Place Before You Start
    When you roll out a new offering or special deal make sure you think though how customers will respond and create a work-flow or response triage plan to assist staff in dealing with enquiries. You’ll be really slammed by customers if they are asking you questions and getting no responses or sending requests and receiving no follow up. Make sure your staff are informed and in place when the time is right.

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    4. Don’t Leave it Up to Them
    When followers, members/customers, or potential new members/customers, post questions don’t just respond with a phone number for them to call if they want more information. Ask them to send you their contact information via a direct message and follow up with a nice informative email message or have the correct staff member follow up.

    Or if they are a member or former customer see if you have their contact information and send them an email or give them a call or text. This is the key to a successful conversion funnel. Following through with any and all potential leads will be the best way to tie real revenue generation back to your Social Media efforts. If you leave it to them to call you’ll never be able to tie that sale or lead to your Social marketing efforts, which isn’t good for determining real ROI.

    5. Be Realistic – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
    People come out of the gates with Social Media Marketing at rocket speed. Often clients are super psyched to have entered the 21st Century and are truly ready to revolutionize the way they do business. Then three or six months down the line they are still in the middle of building relationships with customers on Social Media and they may begin to lose steam. Don’t quit too soon!

    An 18-24 month time frame for results is a better timeline. Building trust with potential clients or customers is a marathon not a sprint. If you try to sell to people too quickly they’ll lose interest and you’ll never get them back. The name of the social game is to be useful and genuine and PATIENT! ☺

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