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    HubSpot Works for Banks & Credit Unions

    Financial institutions often struggle to find a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that actually works for their heavily regulated industry. This is why we've become a HubSpot Partner Agency.

    We're happy to provide our clients with a best-in-class Marketing Automation and CRM solution that helps them meet their deposit, loan, membership, and customer growth goals. With their fully integrated CRM, CMS, and email marketing tools, HubSpot provides an easy-to-use platform that allows marketing and sales to work together to increase revenue and reach growth metrics in a secure environment. We strongly recommend HubSpot for banks and credit unions.

    Learn more about building your website with FIGROW using HubSpot, on our Web Design page.


    HubSpot Meets Security & Regulatory Requirements

    The robust end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, and control provided by HubSpot meets security requirements for financial institutions. You can prevent data from falling through the cracks when you keep your sales team's CRM data in the same place as your marketing team's CMS data. Both teams become more efficient and effective when real-time data is available in one secure place.

    Security Highlights:

    • HubSpot's security program is driven by industry best practices like the OWASP Top 10 and the CIS Critical Security Controls and threat intelligence.
    • Popular Features Include: Standard SSL Certificate, Single Sign-on (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication, Custom Domain Security Settings, Password-protected Pages, and Membership Pages.
    • Features such as “GDPR delete” that permanently deletes record data, “lawful basis to communicate” consent tracking, subscription settings, and cookie tracking consent banners are customizable across regions.
    • HubSpot's product infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • Online Banking and application log-ins can be integrated directly into the site with a secure connection and pass through to your third-party sites.

    Visit the HubSpot Security Page to learn more about their approach to data security, privacy, and controls.

    Visit the HubSpot Trust Center to access documents and reports including SOC3 and SOC 2 Type 2, the latest penetration test summaries, and the HubSpot Security Overview.

    Why We Choose HubSpot For Our Clients

    Core Integration

    If you're ready to connect your institution's core system to a robust CRM through an API solution, HubSpot is the best tool we've found for you! Our team can work with your internal systems to bring real-time data to your marketing automation efforts.

    Member Data

    If you're able to access your database and can move customer/member data via .csv or Excel, HubSpot is the best tool we've found for you! We will show you how to leverage this data to better personalize the user experience and sales follow-up efforts.


    If you're not able to get to move data the way you'd like to, but you are ready to customize experiences and content based on user behavior, HubSpot is the best tool we've found for you! Let our team demo SMART content and how it is a marketing game-changer!

    Lead Capture

    Whether you're a financial marketer, or you work in retail/sales, if you're ready to capture online leads and nurture them to developing a relationship with your financial institution, and then deepen your FI's share of wallet, HubSpot is the tool for you.


    FI GROW Solutions

    HubSpot Gold Partner Agency
    for Financial Institutions


    Request a HubSpot Demo!

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    As with any robust software solution, there's a lot to learn about the tool. Set up a free consultation to learn more about HubSpot, CRMs, Inbound Marketing, lead capture, and sales follow up best practices with FI GROW Solutions.

    We'll help you determine if you're ready to take your marketing and sales to the next level with HubSpot!

    Request A HubSpot Demo

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