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Credit Union and Bank Marketing Is Broken

We develop custom roadmaps that help financial institutions build robust digital experiences!

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Build a Profitable Digital Branch


Prove ROI with the Right Tools and Data
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Community-based financial institutions won’t survive the next 10 years without

Effective Digital Innovation.

Digital branches must replace old school websites and disjointed marketing channels so you can delight customers, create a more positive workplace, and ensure your institution will not only grow but thrive in the evolving digital economy.

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Robust Digital Experiences

At FI GROW we believe traditional bank marketing is broken. Fragmented digital efforts waste money and produce bleak results.

We create robust digital experiences that align your marketing and sales efforts and enable your institution to have a meaningful impact and achieve your goals.


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Bottom Line Results

Well-executed digital experiences for banks and credit unions drive growth and lasting positive community impacts.

Our expertise, from content to speaking, has been featured around the Credit Union and Community Banking Industry:


…they understand the market and what our members want, and are thorough in their research and deliverables from the strategic goals all the way to the tasks required to meet those goals, and they know the importance of ROI.”

Angie A. VP Marketing


“The [FI Grow] team truly cares about producing results for their clients. Every project includes Key Progress Indicators, and they track our success in meeting these indicators on every project.”

Anthony B., VP Marketing

St. Mary's Credit Union
Here's How We Do It...
Assessment & Roadmap

We'll conduct a complete assessment of your current digital efforts and deliver a custom two-year roadmap to digital branch success.

Innovative Implementation

Implement the roadmap suggestions yourself, or partner with us to reach your digital growth goals faster.

Ongoing Optimization

Build on your marketing automation efforts to include sales follow-up and detailed reporting to determine what is working and where changes should be made.


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You're Unique and So Are We


First and foremost, there are no long-term contracts with FI GROW Solutions! We'll conduct a complete assessment of your digital channels and you'll receive a custom roadmap for your financial institution. You only partner with us for implementation and analytics if you want to, it's that simple.


Second, we're a teaching agency. We'll happily explain what we're recommending, why we're recommending it, and explain the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish it.


Lastly, we operate with full transparency. We're happy to pull back the curtains and show you how were developing your strategy and measuring your digital branch. You maintain full access to everything.

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12 Bank and Credit Union Marketing Ideas You Can Use Right Now!

18 Feb, 2021

Bank and Credit Union Marketing Ideas You Can't Pass Up! Credit unions and community banks are especially attractive to the average consumer because they often provide a lower cost option for many of the same products offered by larger traditional banks. But even if potential customers may realize these local institutions have more to offer, you still need to get them in the door.  Here are 12 Bank and Credit Union Marketing Ideas that will help you get the visibility you need - right now! 1) Website Easter Eggs In video game terminology, an Easter egg is a hidden area in a video game. Discovering these Easter eggs is always incredibly fun and intriguing to players, so consider planting a few Easter eggs on your website. For example, you can place a small icon in a well-hidden spot. By clicking on the icon, site visitors could earn a special surprise bonus when opening a new account.  Some FIs have also made these kinds of scavenger hunts on their Facebook pages or blogs. Be creative and have some fun themed prizes to encourage participation.

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The BEST Facebook Pages for Financial Marketing Ideas [Top 10] 👍

17 Feb, 2021

Disclaimer #1: These Facebook pages are NOT other financial institutions, as we often like to take inspiration from other industries and then use those ideas for the betterment of our Credit Union and Bank clients. Disclaimer #2: Some of the Facebook pages might have content you don't like, or perhaps find offensive. Truth be told, I have a foul mouth and what I think is a well-developed, if juvenile, sense of humor. So, proceed with caution! 😳 With that all in mind, in no particular order... Here are the 10 best Facebook pages for content inspiration. Social media marketing for Financial Institutions, here you go! On your mark, get set, go....

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8 Lessons We Learned From Our Recent Website Builds

15 Feb, 2021

Building websites is one of the most fun and challenging things we do here at FI GROW Solutions. The lessons we learn from working with different clients, partner agencies, and ever-changing regulatory requirements are endless and sometimes far from ordinary! If you’re considering a new website any time soon, here are 8 tips based on some of our recent website building experiences to ensure your website build goes smoothly: 1. Never Assume ANYTHING 2. Manage the Number of Images During the Design Phase 3. Create a SEPERATE Plan for Graphics Creation and Management 4. Require Graphic Dimensions From the Development Team 5. Good Project Management Tools Are A MUST 6. Don't Launch Multi-Language Sites at the Same Time 7. Staying ADA Compliant is an Ongoing Task 8. Your RFP is Probably Missing Something REALLY Important

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