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    Use LinkedIn for Marketing Your FI to Business Owners [5 Quick Tips]

    Use LinkedIn for Marketing Your FI to Business Owners [5 Quick Tips]

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    LinkedIn provides us with the opportunity for more targeted social media marketing for Financial Institutions than anywhere else. This social network is meeting CEOs, CFOs, Managers, and decision makers where they are in a very real and connecting way.

    But how do we actually incorporate LinkedIn into our multi-channel marketing strategy to both generate leads and improve engagement? You have created your Credit Union or Bank's LinkedIn profile, so now it's time to learn how to how to use LinkedIn for marketing to meet your larger business growth goals and marketing objectives.

    Tip #1: Take Advantage of Pinpoint Targeting Capabilities

    You know who your target demographic is, and if you don't you should research and first start by creating your FI's target business persona's. Once you've identified more specifically who you are trying to reach, you will then be able to narrow your focus on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

    But, regardless of your specific demographics for targeting, we all know who the decision-makers in companies tend to be, and those are people with certain common job titles. Believe it or not, you can target your content on LinkedIn with these very titles!

    Now, targeting the right people at the right time in a way that drives action is difficult. But when you understand how to use LinkedIn for marketing, you can do just that. Your Credit Union or Bank should give some valuable advice or insight that highlights your institution's expert business banking staff, in an effort to position your FI as a trusted advisor for business banking. Then, target this content with ad support on the platform to the decision-makers (by job title) in your region. 


    Tip #2: Expand Your Existing Customer Touch Points

    By encouraging existing customers to connect with you on LinkedIn you are adding yet another touch point through which you can further their positive member service experience.

    According to one recent poll 72% of consumers want to connect with the brands with whom they do business through multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. As these consumers connect, you can use content and great advice to encourage them to sign up for a newsletter or to be added to an email list to receive promotions.

    From one source like LinkedIn, can spring out several new places where you can connect with the customer or potential new customer, and further that positive customer service that drives them to snub competitor's offers and expand their financial partnership with your institution.

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    Tip #3: Inform and Educate

    Business Leaders don't really like to be sold to all the time. They want to research, and learn, and read everything they can get their hands on about a topic, and then make an informed decision themselves.

    Think about who your target is, what they need, what they want, what they might not know already or be curious about. Then create insightful content on these very subjects!bigstock-Creative-Bulb-Light-Idea-flat--95070752.jpg

    You'll need to develop search engine friendly, informative and engaging content that they just can't resist reading, whether they've stumbled upon it because of a key phrase they entered into Google, or they're a customer who always trusts you to offer the best financial advice.

    The focus of these pieces should always be to engage and educate a business owner to gain trust. 

    And then if you want to throw in a promotion or offering at the end in an informative way, you've just earned the leverage to do so.

    Tip #4: Really Make Your Credit Union or Bank LinkedIn Page Stand Out

    As you are bringing potential new customers and existing ones to your LinkedIn page, you want to make sure that that the page really strikes them in a positive manner. It should be uniquely branded to your Financial Institution and look like a lot of thought went into the perfect layout, design, organization of the page.

    Be consistent with your brand in terms of wording, color, and imagery, and publish some content directly on LinkedIn to show off your expertise in business banking and other related topics.

    Tip # 5: Claim Your Customer URL

    This one doesn't require much explanation. You want your LinkedIn web address to represent your credit union well. So make note of how it displays in the search window. And if it can be improved, fix it.

    Now That You Know How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

    It's time to start promoting your Financial Institution through LinkedIn. Use this valuable platform to reach the unique mix of business professionals that can only be found on this site, and take advantage of the tools available to you. Remember to think about what your potential customers will consider new, fresh and worth their time to check out.

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