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    Online Contest a Huge Success for Banks and Credit Unions! [Case Study]

    Online Contest a Huge Success for Banks and Credit Unions! [Case Study]

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    Who doesn't love a cute pet photo?  The answer is simple...not many!  In building upon on the "National Pet Day" holiday, we worked with one of our clients recently to offer a pet photo contest.

    The social media contest ran for 5 days, which started on a Sunday and ended on a Thursday.  We kept the rules simple and straight forward. The entries could either be posted to our client's facebook page, or emailed directly to our client's marketing team. The contest resulted in two winners who were awarded with Visa gift cards.

    We were overwhelmed by the number of entries.  Here are the stats from the contest:

    • 177 total entries  
    • 6,194 people reached
    • 364 likes/comments/shares generated
    • 633 clicks/photo views

    As entries were submitted over the first few days, we decided to post the best ones to our client's facebook page to showcase the interest in the contest and share the adorable photos being submitted, while reminding the audience the number of days left to enter. Once the contest ended, we compiled the images and chose the top 4 entries.  

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    The week following the contest, we posted the top 4 entries and asked fans to choose a winner and runner up from the top 4 entries (A, B, C, or D). In doing so, we were able to expand our client's reach to their fans friends and beyond.

    Here is the contest winner and runner up!  Aren't these photos the cutest?!

    This contest was a huge success for our client. Not only did they have amazing reach and engagement with their fans and others on Facebook, but we then use this engagement to build a potential audience to target for more product and service related content.

    We've also shown that this kind of engagement drives DOWN the cost per click to send users to your website, which is where you have the best opportunity to convert them to a new customer.

    We have helped this same client implement additional contests, which have resulted in similar results. All of which help improve reach for more revenue generating kinds of content we share for them. And these kinds of contest help us humanize their brand and build fun and authentic relationships with their members and online fans.

    Contact us today for more information on how we can help your Credit Union achieve amazing results with online marketing!

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