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    The 80/20 Rule for Content on Bank or Credit Union Social Media

    The 80/20 Rule for Content on Bank or Credit Union Social Media

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    I was once asked if there is a magic mix for what kind of content you should use with social media marketing for Financial Institutions... and the short answer is no but the longer answer is yes!

    We tell clients to stick to the 80/20 rule with bank or credit union social media marketing, where 80% of your content is either useful or entertaining to your target or fans/followers, and only 20% promotes your business services, behind the scenes, or member experiences. This tip is easy to follow and will guarantee that you won't hard sell on social media.Your social media channels should be engaging, it should give current members a reason to come back to talk to you as well as potential new members a reason to want to talk to you. Think of it this way... when you go to a party and meet someone new, if all they do is talk about themselves and all that they have accomplished in their lives, does that make you want to talk to them again in the future? NO! 

    So make sure your bank or credit union isn't the annoying self-absorbed person at the party by sharing content that is engaging and useful for your readers. This will help you build trust and rapport with people as they get to know your brand.

    So how can you identify whether your bank or credit union is guilty of this? You can start by assessing your last 20 posts on your channels and keep the 80/20 rule in mind. This means your last 16 of 20 posts should have been engaging content such as funny financial memes or a blog post about 10 best ways to save money when you go grocery shopping. This leaves the last 4 of your 20 posts to be direct product promotion like new auto loan rates or HELOC offers.

    As you personify your financial institution through your social media channels you become the fun, loving and approachable brand that customers feel like they can trust to do business with. In other words, your social content isn't meant to drive hard sales - it should function as a supportive sales material. For a customer, showing good customer service makes you trustworthy of committing to!

    Let us help with your Financial Institution growth... Contact Us today and we will show you how it's done! 

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