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    Top 5 Items Missing on Your Credit Union Facebook Page

    Top 5 Items Missing on Your Credit Union Facebook Page

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    Why Not Get Your Bank or Credit Union Facebook Page Right The First Time?

    When starting with a new client we always assess their current Social Media platforms, and typically we begin with their Facebook page.

    Although most staff mean well as they begin their business pages on Facebook, we usually see many small details missing. Here is a list of our TOP FIVE most common mistakes on bank and credit union Facebook Pages that you can fix TODAY!

    1. Always, Always, Always have a link to your website on your Facebook Page - If possible put this link in the short description so that if people visit your actual fan page your company URL will be very easy for them to find. (Keep in mind that after liking your page the first time, most people never come back to your page and instead only see your company via posts that show up in their News feeds, either through organic reach, or more likely through Facebook Ads.)


    Website on FB

    2. Include KEY WORDS in Your Page Description - Because Facebook is one of the most indexed pages in search rankings, it's VERY important to include your KEY WORDS in your page's long description (and the short description of course). This will help people find your page as you build more fans and engagement. Long descriptions should also include posting policies and procedures and any necessary disclosures, if you are in a regulated industry like a Credit Unions or Real Estate Agents.

    description on FB

    3. Add Milestones When Appropriate - These kinds of posts are quite under-utilized on Facebook. Milestones show up in the Newsfeed and on your Fan Page and are a great way to document the development and growth of your business for new fans. They also show up in the dates listed in your page's history, and really it just makes sense, so add a few of them, even after the fact.

    add milestone on FB

    To add a Milestone go to your page's status update bar and you'll see '...' on the top of the page above 'Write a Post', then select Create Milestone. Then a Milestone box will come up with prompts to enter relevant information and add a visual.


    New Call-to-action

    4. Make Sure You Customize Your Facebook URL - In your 'About' section, you will find your username, you can edit it here.

    update username on fb

    Then from this Page Info page you'll see your Facebook page web address, and if you've never changed it, this will likely include a long line of numbers at the end of the ...Facebook.com/ web address. Follow the prompts to edit this URL to include something close to your company name, but keep it fairly short. Also, once you set this URL you can only change it ONE more time, so make sure you think about this choice carefully before you make the change.


    5. ALWAYS Include a Description and Links with Your Page Header Images - I cannot tell you how many very successful businesses forget this small detail. When you change your header image, which you should do fairly regularly because it will come up in fan's News Feeds. This is why it is essential to include a useful message or company tag line and a link to your company website when you change your header.

    When people see that you've recently changed your header the description will show up too, unless there ISN'T one, then there will be nothing but the image and this will be a wasted opportunity to deliver your company mission or pitch to your fans.

    Here's an example of our current Header Image description:

    header image on fb

    We would love to hear more Facebook Fan Page tips, if you've got ones we've missed please share them below.

    If you'd like to know more about our service Contact Us today for a consultation.

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