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    Social Media Ideas Your Marketing Department Can Use Now

    Social Media Ideas Your Marketing Department Can Use Now

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    6 Social Media Ideas Your Credit Union Marketing Department Can Use Right Now

    Here's 6 Social Media Ideas Your Credit Union or Bank Marketing Department Can Use Right Now

    Does your financial institution's social media presence need a boost?  Are you running out of creative ideas for posts? Here's 6 tips you can use right now with social media marketing for Banks and Credit Unions.

    1) Host a Photo Contest

    If your customers are pet owners, then a pet photo contest is just up their alley!  We have successfully run numerous contests for our clients over the years, but the one contest that proves to drive the most engagement is a pet photo contest.

    Simply post the rules on your Facebook page and offer prizes for the top 3 entries.  Then get ready for the entries to flood in!  Make sure you have a good tracking system in place and enough staff to administer the contest.  We recommend having 1-2 staff run the contest and an odd number of “judges” to select the winners. 

    Here is an example of a post for a fall pet photo contest.  Make sure you pick out a fun and colorful image that will catch people's attention. You can also use some past cute and/or unique entries as well! The description for your post can provide the contest rules, timeline, and how the winners will be identified.


    2) Host a Summer BBQ or Rent an Ice Cream Truck

    Summer is a great time to get out of the house and get together! Host a summer BBQ at one of your branches and invite everyone from the community. This would be a great way to give back to your customers and meet potential new customers. 

    Another great idea is to rent an ice cream truck and encourage your customers and come down and cool down! 

    Make sure you have staff there that can take pictures and update your social media accounts a few times throughout the day. Posting it on social is a great way to invite others to join! The pictures could include people, or it could just highlight the food, treat or even the location. 

    3) Promote New Memberships with a Cash Incentive

    Growing new membership is an ongoing goal for every financial institution.  Some FI’s offer cash incentives for referrals, but fail to mention this on their social media outlets.  The best way to expand your reach within your current community is with friends of your customers on Facebook.  So get the word out and be sure to educate your community about the numerous benefits of belonging to your credit union or bank.

    4) Host a Fun Seminar

    One of our clients hosted an educational seminar about saving. To make it aimed more towards their desired persona (millennial) they thought outside the box and recreated how they hosted seminars!

    They called the event 'Sip N'Save' and hosted it at a local business on a patio. They offered all who attended complimentary wine, beer, coffee & tea and small bites and appetizers. They even branded the plastic wine glasses for something fun and different.

    Well, it was a huge success! They had a lot of interest in the event with over 50 people attending! 

    5) Provide Seasonal Tips

    We always make sure our clients’ content on social media is relevant.  Be helpful to your audience by providing seasonal tips. Select a day of the week you will publish these tips and come up with a hashtag for your post.

    Don’t forget to provide helpful tips during Back to School, Graduation Gifts, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and other Holidays. 

    6) Inspirational Quotes

    We often share inspirational quotes on our own social media outlets that are branded.  This way if your quoted image goes viral, so will your brand!  A good place to create these custom designs with quotes is Canva.com, or we also use Adobe Photoshop. 

    Be sure to remember to keep Facebook's limited text for ad images in mind if you plan on boosting the post.  Share something uplifting or positive words of encouragement.  We all know the world could use more of that, especially right now.  Here are some examples of inspirational quotes:


    Inspiration FI GROW Branded

    Use these ideas to help your FI’s social media efforts, or feel free to contact us about how we can help your credit union with your own inbound marketing strategy!

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