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    Banks Must Abandon The Marketing Mumbo Jumbo That Compliance Loves

    Banks Must Abandon The Marketing Mumbo Jumbo That Compliance Loves

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    In the digital age where everyone from fintechs to Amazon are sharking the banking industry, it's imperative that financial marketers learn to speak clearly and simply. People don't have time to decipher your messages, especially when there's someone offering an easier option.

    If your marketing messages sound bank-like, many consumers won’t get past the first sentence. As apps and websites increasingly become your financial institution’s first encounter with the public, consumer-friendly language represents your “friendly neighborhood banker.”

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    If a visitor to your website, or a consumer reading any of your other marketing material, can’t understand what you’re talking about, they’re certainly not going to “Apply Now.” That’s the simplest explanation of why it’s essential to avoid jargon and complex language in bank and credit union communications.

    Common sense tells most people to speak and write plainly to be understood. Yet complex language still manages to infect banking websites and more. Here are four of the most common reasons banking messages don’t make it through to the intended recipients, and how to clean up these problems.

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