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By: Ida Burr

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August 30th, 2017

7 Most Engaging Credit Union Posts We've Shared on Facebook

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Now that fewer and fewer people are visiting branches in person, credit unions are missing out on valuable touch points with members.  Facebook is a great place to reach out to your community on a daily basis but it's not always easy to find ways to effectively engage your members and community on social media. Here are the seven most engaging credit union content posts we've shared on social media so far this year!

1) I'll be watching you

Watching You.jpg

Let's be honest, everyone loves their animals, even though they can be a pain in the butt sometimes!

We have found that funny memes about our beloved four pawed family members are usually a hit with credit union members and online followers!




 2) Let's explore

Japan.jpgWho doesn't love a little adventure? There is a whole world out there to see and we have the ability to get a glimpse of it at our finger tips. 

Pinterest is a great resource for images like this. I search 'Amazing Places' or 'Beautiful Places' for ideas. Then ask a simple question and let the Facebook users do the rest!


3) Tell us what you think

Meat Lovers.jpg

Any funny but controversial questions get people talking! Questions like 'How do you like your steak cooked' or 'which way is the right way to hang up toilet paper' are always fun conversation starters!

This post went VIRAL with nearly 18,000 organic views (the light orange in the reach bar). That's FREE reach that we didn't even have to pay for!



4) Exotic Nature

Heliconia Plant.jpg

Just like the amazing places, there are a lot of beautiful things in nature! Show you followers exotic plants or animals from all across the world!

Again, Pinterest is great for finding these images! Search amazing places or amazing animals.




5) Delicious Treats


If you find a simple recipe, you can post the image (instead of a link preview) and add the ingredients to the post. ALWAYS give credit to the original source at the bottom of the post by adding 'For the full recipe, click here: WEBSITE URL)





6) Blasts from the past

Ring Toss.jpg

We all remember our favorite toys growing up or what the style was when we were in high school or maybe even a classic movie! It is fun to be reminded of the things that you used to enjoy.

There are just some things you can never forget, and these kinds of content get great engagement!




7) Things we all relate to

Meme.jpgEveryone likes to laugh! Funny memes about being lazy or how you want to hide from Mondays are relatable to almost everyone. 







Remember, social media is all about being fun! Don't be afraid to be silly and entertain your followers. Finding engaging credit union content can involve a lot of trial and error so experiment with all different types of posts. 

Use these ideas to help your CU’s social media efforts, or feel free to contact us about how we can help your credit union with your own inbound marketing strategy!

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About Ida Burr

Ida is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Social Stairway, LLC, which provides Digital Marketing services to Credit Unions and Affiliates. She has been with Social Stairway since 2014 assisting Credit Union staff with their social media platforms and campaigns. Ida has experience in the banking industry as well as digital marketing, communication and content development.

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