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    5 Ways Your Bank or Credit Union Can Grow Followers on Instagram

    5 Ways Your Bank or Credit Union Can Grow Followers on Instagram

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    Here are 5 tips that can help your Credit Union or Bank engage and grow followers on Instagram.

    1. Set Your Style

    On Instagram, consistency is key. Make sure your account has a consistent style with font, colors, and photo filter style for every post you share on your account. 

    Adding your branding logo or URL is optional, but if want to make sure you get credit for your images, then make sure they are branded if others share them across social media. Just mix these up and don’t brand ALL of your images.


    2. Add Variety In Your Posts

    Eating the same thing for breakfast every morning gets old after a while, well so does your Instagram feed. Make sure your posting a variety of things including photos, videos, Boomerangs, Hyperlapse, etc. Keep it interesting so that your followers will want to remain engaged.

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    3. Find and Post User-Generated Content (UGC), NOT Stock Photos

    It is true… “77% of Instagrammers prefer user-generated content over professional photos!” 

    While stock photos are pretty, they aren’t genuine, and we can all recognize them easily. Your members want to see your behind the scenes photos of your employees! They want to see real photos! Share content generated by other Instagrammers as it relates to your credit union. 

    If you don’t have enough content, ask your members to share some of their own by creating a hashtag that members can use to be feature on your account like #my[fi]story (plug in your FI’s name in place of “[fi]”).


    4. Posting Tips to Grow Followers on Your Instagram Account 

    • Make sure you post regularly. Our general rule of thumb is to post at least 4x a week.
    • Choose two to three times per day to go in a check comments. 
    • Find the best times for your FI to post using Iconosquare metrics like days/times when people engage most
    • Always Geo-tag posts to reach local people and new members.
    • Host and participate in Insta takeovers at your various branch locations... these are HUGELY popular!Instagram video image


    5. Video, video, video!

    Video is the most effective medium to communicate with your followers online. There are several tools out there today to create custom videos and we LOVE Wave. This free online software tool allows you to create engaging marketing videos to share on Instagram. 

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    For more, visit our FI GROW Blog or contact us today on our website or via email at contactus@figrow.com.

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