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    How Financial Institutions Can Increase TV/Media Impact Online

    How Financial Institutions Can Increase TV/Media Impact Online

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    We get it. You spend way too much on media buys and television partnerships, but you rarely ever see concrete results. Here is a quick way to increase impact through online engagement. 

    You may be a community bank or credit union who has signed up for a contract with a local television station or media channel and you either do commercials, partnerships to honor community members, or feature your financial institution in a live segment. Regardless of which partnership you choose, it is well worth your time to apply the following steps to take your television/media investment further.



    During the planning phase for your TV or video strategy incorporate social media engagement. Use polls and feedback prompting posts to get your online community's opinion on what they would like to see on your television segment.

    It is very common for people to be on their phone or tablet alongside watching television. It would be a great idea to plan contests in collaboration with content on television to drive the audience to your website, landing pages, or social media platforms for actions that you can quantify. 

    Another way to engage your audience is to use the television platform to share their own content. Encourage user-generated content to be shared on your social platforms that you can repurpose in your tv segment. You can also consider leveraging your television segment as a platform for local businesses or individuals to be featured. We also recommend using employees where you can to spotlight your internal team as well.

    Ready, Set, Action!


    While you and your staff are on the set and doing recording for commercials or tv segments, use the opportunity to go live on social media and engage with your audience.

    People love experiences behind the scenes and it humanizes your brand and gives you content for your social media channels. It also helps add humor and real emotion from your staff while being on set. Behind the scenes gives your audience something to look forward to and helps them anticipate the release of the television spot, which helps advertise what you are doing. 



    After the spot has been covered LIVE usually all media partners give you a video file. Use that video file to upload each spot onto your financial institution video account and social media pages.

    Please note that Facebook prefers videos to be uploaded natively. This also allows your staff to turn videos into ads. Make use of Instagram IGTV and Reels as well. Because they are fairly new features they get a lot more organic exposure on search and home feeds.

    Add the video to a video player of your financial institution account like Youtube, Wistia, or Vimeo. Since Youtube is the second largest search engine you'll want to use SEO optimized keywords to help get your video found online. It will be a great way to get exposure to your TV spot, TV segments and replay videos, etc. Also, video hosts like these make it easy to embed videos on your organization’s blogs, landing pages,  website, and emails.

    Use the videos in your marketing emails to increase direct engagement. We recently shared a client’s weekly TV segment replay in one of their marketing emails and it yielded the highest engagement for their marketing emails when compared to any other recent emails. People loved it!

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    At the end of the day, traditional marketing media is expensive, which makes it hard to justify the expense if you can't deliver any concrete ROI results. Combining your traditional marketing efforts with your digital marketing efforts and using a multichannel marketing approach will help break silos within your marketing and drive a much stronger and more measurable impact.

    Share how you have increased your traditional marketing impact with online engagement.

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