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    Make Your Digital Ads Stick Out This Holiday Season

    Make Your Digital Ads Stick Out This Holiday Season

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    Ahhhh, the most competitive time of the year... err.. I mean wonderful! But really, with the holidays just out of sight you may notice your marketing budget not going as far as it used to. Here are some tips on how to keep cost low and reach high on social. 

    1) Find Images that Stick Out

    pexels-lumn-697224Stock images are nice but why not experiment with something a little more colorful? There are so many images with people in them on Facebook. I like to mix it up a little sometimes.

    We have seen great success in Facebook and Instagram ads with images that are very simple but bright... like this one with a bow. Caption it with "Reward yourself every time you shop this holiday season with our cash back VISA credit card."

    2) Don't Change Your Ads Too Often

    Every time you make edits to your ads the campaign will go back through a learning period that could take up to TWO weeks to exit. This period helps Facebook optimize your ads and get you the best cost per objective. So if you keep editing the campaign, it will be stuck in the expensive learning period and it could cost you.

    So if you have a small edit you would like to make consider if it is really worth it to possibly set back the results.

    3) Make your Headlines ✨POP✨ With Emojis

    We are a big fan of using emojis in ads. I recently attended a webinar that claimed using emojis in the headline of an ad can significantly increase click through rate!

    We also like to make sure the headline contains the best selling factor for your product or service. In this example our client was offing a very low rate on a personal loan! 

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    4) Customize Placements

    If you have many different placements selected, make sure you go through each one and make sure the image, text and headlines look good. You may even want to break out certain placements to their own ad set so you can completely customize the images and language. 

    5) Instagram Story Ads Are a MUST

    Banks and credit unions can no longer target by age (among other things) because of the 'special ad category' created by Facebook to encourage you to broaden—not restrict—your audience. 

    We notice by targeting Instagram story placements ONLY the audience is naturally skewed much younger than Facebook newsfeed placements. You can create the ad right in ads manager or you can use a tool like Wave to create short videos.

    Do you have any other tips or tricks to help your ads stand out? Drop a comment below! 

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