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    Pinterest: How to REALLY be Successful on Pinterest!

    Pinterest: How to REALLY be Successful on Pinterest!

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    Are you getting the most out of Pinterest? So many small businesses are on Pinterest just to say "yes, I'm on Pinterest," but very few are using it to their advantage. We know today that Pinterest generates the most referral traffic and purchases, over any other social media platform. Statistics show that 80% of Pinterest is dominated by female 'pinners'. So here are a few useful tips to help your business to be more successful on Pinterest...

    Is your Pinterest Profile Optimized?

    1. Always complete the “About You” section, since this is where your followers (and potential new followers) will learn about you and see whether or not you have similar interests (use all 200 characters). Explain details about your company and the products/services you offer. Use keywords in this section since it is also optimized for search.
    2. Always provide a “Picture.” This image should be the same one you use across all your other social media platforms. You want to be consistent across your social media platforms so that followers can recognize your image immediately.
    3. Include “Location” and “Website” to let followers know where you are in the world and how they can find out more about your product and services.

    How are you managing your Boards?

    1. The first two rows of boards on your Pinterest page are critical, as these are the images that followers/new followers will see when they look at your profile. Be sure to keep these Board images current and do change the board covers often to stay fresh.
    2. Top trending board categories on Pinterest include: Food & Drink, DIY & Crafts, Home Decor, Holidays & Events, Hair & Beauty, Women’s Fashion, Design, Kids and Art. Be sure your profile includes these categories to build engagement with your followers.
    3. Remember 80% of your content should be related to your followers and their interests, and only 20% of your content should be marketing your products and services.

    What is your Pinning Strategy?

    1. About 30% of pinning occurs during the workday when social media managers and content creators are working (10am - 4pm). Pinning during these hours will likely get new followers. About 20% of pinning occurs at night right before bedtime (9pm - midnight). Bottom line is you want to pin content before your audience is active on Pinterest, which is usually after dinner and before bed.
    2. Consistent daily pinning will increase engagement and re-pins, while varying the time of day you pin will gain more followers.
    3. Pin and re-pin 10-15 pins per day. Followers will want to see what you are pinning on a daily basis in their Pinterest feeds. Think of it like a “subscription,” where followers have subscribed to your interests and want to see updates daily. But remember, Do not OVER PIN! Followers don't want their Pinterest feeds to be bombarded with only your pins...think moderation to be most successful.

    We would love to hear more Pinterest tips, if you've got ones we've missed please share them below.

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