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    Credit Union Social Media: Why You Need to Engage with Members Online

    Credit Union Social Media: Why You Need to Engage with Members Online

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    Social media is used daily by millions of people. If your credit union does not have an online presence, you're missing out on a lot of interaction and reach. When used right, your credit union social media accounts can create brand awareness and loyalty as well as improve member service. 

    You’re All About Member Service

    Social media is an ideal place for member service, which is what credit unions are all about! It’s a great place to develop relationships, help members with their problems, answer questions and address concerns.

    So many people turn to social media to voice their opinion and many prefer it over any other way of communicating. Customer service expectations are always rising and if you leave questions unanswered for the public to see they will assume that you just don’t care. You wouldn’t leave your member service phone ringing off the hook, would you?

    People no longer want to sit on hold or wait for an email, they expect an almost immediate response. By being there for your members, you will increase overall satisfaction and create a seamless experience.

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    Build Your Brand

    Consumers are becoming more involved with companies and want to know who they are and what they stand for. Social Media is a great place to broadcast your mission and give your credit union some personality.

    So many companies are using social media to help their customers and increase brand awareness, and seeing great results! The world is becoming a very social place, if you’re not embracing this change you’re falling behind.

    Stop Selling and Get Personal

    “Selling” is becoming less effective, people block out commercials and throw away direct mail. Members don't want to be sold to, they want to build relationships and feel like they can trust you.

    Buying has evolved, we need to become better listeners. By learning what your member’s pain points are you can guide them to a personalized solution. Social media is the perfect place to listen, share useful information and interact with your members.

    Manage Your Reputation

    Your member centric reputation is what sets you apart from big banks. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you’re going to have an upset member that is going to post something not-so-nice for everyone to see.

    Many marketers do not want to get involved with of social media because of situations like this, but this is exactly why you need to be actively monitoring it. By providing timely feedback in such a public setting you demonstrate a high level of service and commitment to your members. Simply ignoring a problem will not make it ok.

    Social media is the absolute BEST place to embrace member service, create brand awareness and maintain your credit union’s reputation. You’ve invested in online banking and mobile apps, now it’s time to connect with your members on social media!

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