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    Content Marketing Services are Key to Your CU's Success! [5 Reasons]

    Content Marketing Services are Key to Your CU's Success! [5 Reasons]

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    CONTENT MARKETING - a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

    From this definition, you can likely see the value of content marketing, but the question remains... Why is it important to your financial institution?  Well, here are 5 reasons you should prioritize content marketing services at your credit union or bank:

    1. Gives People a Reason to Visit Your Website (From Social Media or Other Linking Site)

    As you build and engage an audience on other networks and websites, it's important to keep your eye on the prize. You are building relationships with people on social media, but eventually, you do need to drive them to your owned media, and that's your website. You control all the content there and thus you can better convert traffic to new members.

    But users won't leave social networks for no reason, so content gives them the motivation they need to come see what you have to offer. Sharing a blog, e-book, or video is a great way to encourage people to leave social and head to your financial institution's website to learn more.


    2. Demonstrates Your Level of Expertise

    Content is also a great way to show off what you know. If you have an expert on lending or buying a first home, interview them and create a FAQ blog. Or create a slide share of your most recent financial literacy presentation that you put on for your customers or members. There are many ways to use content to showcase your thought leadership in the financial services industry. Be creative!


    3. Builds Trust with Current and Potential Members

    Content marketing can sell your products and services, but often it's just about being informative and useful to your readers. And there's no better way to build trust with a member than to give them great information that helps them, without any strings attached.

    If your members trust you they will learn they can rely on you in times of need or when they are ready to make a significant new purchase. When people trust and appreciate a business they do something extremely valuable, they recommend it to their friends and family! Thus, content can help encourage word-of-mouth marketing, which we all know is the most powerful and influential kind!

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    4. Keeps Content on Your Website Fresh, Which Helps Tremendously with SEO

    Google and other search engines use complex algorithms to determine which website should be ranked highest when someone searches online. One of the factors Google looks for in these calculations is recent content to rank first.  The Google algorithm prefers freshly updated content, so making sure your website fits into these calculations will help move your site up in search rankings.

    In our content marketing services, we recommend that with blog content you should be updating your site weekly, and with more general website content you should update these pages every 6-12 months.

     content marketing services image


    5. Builds Resources on Specific Topics so Member Service Can Share with Members

    So if a member is shopping for a car and comes into a branch or applies online to get pre-approved for a loan, before heading to the dealer for a test drive, why not have a great blog on the top 10 family vehicles or a checklist for your test drive to also share with the member? You can create amazing content pieces that are useful to members and can also be easily shared with their friends and family.

    Again this helps build trust and helps members while also building confidence in your institution as their primary place to bank. And that's getting to the heart of the mission of your Financial Institution!



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