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[6 Tips] Credit Union Videos - Where Should You Start?

Tara Moseley
Sep 7, 2017 6:08:07 PM

I recently participated in an amazing webinar masterclass by Hubspot about SEO for Video, with SEO expert Eric Enge.  The overall content for the webinar was primarily centered around YouTube and how to master SEO for video success there.  As a digital marketing agency for credit unions, we found his advice to be very helpful and relevant for our market.  Here are 6 tips we wanted to share with you from the webinar to create effective credit union videos.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 1.26.20 PM.png

Tip 1: YouTube has a different ranking algorithm for videos than Google.

During the webinar, Eric showed some ranking results for a query he did on Google and compared it to the same search on YouTube for videos.  Surprisingly the videos ranked differently on both platforms (see image below).  This is surprising because intuitively you'd think that it would be the same ranking, since Google owns YouTube, but there are differences.  Make sure your video has a good title, description, and category to rank higher on YouTube.


Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 1.49.19 PM.png

Tip 2: Increase your total view time for YouTube video with paid social promotion.

Paid social promotion for your videos on YouTube will drive up your organic traffic for those videos. YouTube operates on a "total session time" type of model as part of its algorithm.  As long as people are watching videos associated with your video, then that will also drive up your organic traffic.


Tip 3: Video quality doesn't have to be amazing for your credit union video content.

If you're hesitant about creating a video for your credit union because you may not have a large budget to produce videos, don't let that stop you.  All you need for a successful credit union video is good content and good audio.  Viewers tend to be less critical about video quality when the content and video audio are really good.  But do buy a tripod for your smart phone (if you're using your phone to capture videos... to avoid a "shaky hand" while holding the phone).  


Tip 4: Start with creating videos that answer questions.

If you're trying to determine what video content your credit union should create then start by creating videos that provide answers to the most common questions your members ask.  Try asking your front line member service staff for topic ideas, as they talk to members every single day!

Once you've created 1-2 of these Q&A videos, see how your members react and if they are interested in this type of content.  There is a little bit of trail and error with video content, and every member group is slighty different.  Here are some great Credit Union vs. Bank Videos We Like.


Tip 5: Always place your videos in playlists.

Once you create a few videos (5-6) and upload them to the YouTube channel for your credit union, make sure your videos are in a playlist.  By doing this, it allows your other videos to be played one after the other, and thus increase the total session time for your videos.  This boost in session time will help your videos SEO ranking and increase their overall organic traffic.


Tip 6: YouTube and Facebook videos should be different lengths of time.

A 5-minute video makes sense for YouTube, but it doesn't make any sense for Facebook.  Instead a much shorter video (30-60 seconds) should be posted to Facebook to be more effective.  It does take extra time and effort to create two videos for the same topic, however, it will be more effective on the given platform.  Think of highlighting the key points, or a summary, of your YouTube video for your Facebook version.

And remember, alwasy post your videos on BOTH YouTube AND Facebook! This was they get the added boost of placing native videos on each platform, rather than trying to share your YouTube video on your CU's Facebook page. The Facebook algorithm gives videos shared directly on the platform MUCH more reach than sharing links to videos hosted on other websites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Use these tips to help your CU’s social media efforts, or feel free to contact us about how we can help your credit union with your own inbound marketing strategy!

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