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    5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Bank or Credit Union Digital Marketing

    5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Bank or Credit Union Digital Marketing

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    It's a new year, do you have new goals for your bank or credit union's growth? Well, here are a few easy resolutions your marketing staff can stick to with no problem!

    1. Stop Branding Everything With Your Bank or Credit Union Logo

    We are noticing more and more that images without logos do better on almost every online platform.credit union digital marketing engagement image On Instagram and Facebook real world images are more relatable to your followers and always get more engagement.

    In emails stock photos turn readers off, but, if you have real images of members or staff, people will read on and even click through more often.

    So resist the urge to make everything pretty with your colors and logos and just be more REAL in your credit union digital marketing!

    2. Create Campaigns That Last at Least TWO Months

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will say this one again... stop changing your offers every single month. We say this all the time, yet I still see banks and credit unions switching rates, images and offers constantly. The banking buyers-journey is LONG, so let your campaigns run for 8-10 weeks so people have time to digest the details before you switch it up.


    3. Create One Piece of Original Content Each Weekcredit union digital marketing content image

    This doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. We work with lots of content sources for our bank and credit union clients, but we are also encouraging internal staff members to consider new ways to share financial thought leadership and behind the scenes content.

    Maybe one week you profile a staff member and share a meaningful story of how they helped a member through a tricky situation. Or another week you interview a call-center staff member and share answers to the top 5 most common questions asked that week.

    Share a short video from a community outreach event you attend on Facebook or an email from a member thanking a staff member for a job well-done.

    Keep this content short and manageable, but make sure you stay consistent and do it weekly. It's a bit more of a lofty resolution, but definitely doable, and over time will lead to fantastic engagement and member appreciation.


    4. Be More Organized With Your Time & Then Protect It!

    This one is less marketing related and more about fostering better productivity. We are implementing Asana Projects with all of our clients in 2021. This is an easy way to better coordinate deliverables with team members and clients in multiple locations, and easily check in when necessary throughout the month.

    Whatever project management tool you use, consider ways to organize your weekly time into blocks that can be further designated for content creation, emails, online engagement, or other needed tasks. Then protect that time and don't let other tasks creep into it.

    I personally have 5-7 hours per week split between Mondays and Fridays that are NEVER booked for meetings or client calls. This is when I write blogs and complete strategy or campaign deliverables or other content items needed for clients. Whatever your priorities are, protect the time you will need to get them completed each and every week.


    5. Have Realistic Expectations for 2021

    After the crazy year we've all just finished it's never been more clear that... no matter how hard you try you just can't do it all. That's simply a fact of life. So if you have FIVE campaign ideas for Q1 and Q2 I'd suggest picking TWO of these and just do those right.

    Get the messaging spot on, create amazing graphics, create clear conversion paths and calls-to-action, and then find some user-generated content to help drive the campaigns in an authentic manner. 

    What I would say to resist is having SEVEN scrolling banners and multiple emails going out weekly around the worn out old 'great rates and customer service' message that every credit union and bank uses.

    Focus on the human side of your bank or credit union mission and people will pay more attention. And this all takes time. 

    Good luck and Happy New Year! 


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