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    Team Building: How to Increase Your CU's Morale

    Team Building: How to Increase Your CU's Morale

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    Corporate team building exercises range from pep-talks from the boss to multi-day retreats involving bungee jumping. Things can also get pretty strange.

    Team Building: How to Increase Your CU's Morale!

    Staffing firm The Creative Group recently polled executives on the team-building experiences they’ve staged, and put together some of the most unique examples, including:

    “A dance-off.”

    “We had a psychic come and do readings."

    "Getting pedicures."

    "Indoor skydiving and surfing."

    "A one-week retreat in the desert."

    "An improv class."

    However, team-building doesn’t need to be elaborate, to be effective. The Creative Group finds that simple group activities can work to bring people together.

    One group was tasked with making up a song about the company, while another had to tell everyone something about themselves using movements, and not speaking.

    Staging a friendly competition is another way to shake things up. One company staged a cubicle decorating contest, for instance.

    However, some companies just resist getting physical, with activities like:

    River rafting.

    Climbing a mountain.

    Participating in a 200-mile relay across the state with 20 people.

    A trip to a Renaissance fair.

    Going into the wilderness and had to figure out how to get back by relying on each other.

    Now, many employees cringe when they hear that management has come up with a big “corporate team building” idea. At the same time, these same employees are often surprised at how much fun they’ve had participating in these exercises.

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