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Podcast 1: Introducing the 'Hit Record Podcast' by FI GROW Solutions

Meredith Olmstead
October 6, 2021

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Podcast Episode 1: We are excited to announce our new podcast! Join us while we talk all things sales, marketing and strategy for financial institutions.

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Have you ever been talking about something that's really useful and thought, "That's a great idea, let's hit record so we can share this with everyone?” If you're looking for best practices for your bank or credit union, join us while we talk all things sales, marketing, and strategy for financial institutions. Let's make it happen with FI GROW Solutions.

Meredith Olmstead:

Hi, I'm Meredith Olmstead, the CEO and founder of FI GROW Solutions. We are a partner agency and we work with financial institutions, credit unions, and community banks to help drive growth in marketing and sales.

Penne VanderBush:

And I'm Penne VanderBush, Chief of Strategy here at FI GROW Solutions. And to be honest with you, we think bank marketing is broken, so we've been working with our clients to fix that.

Meredith Olmstead:

So, what we've been talking about... a lot of what we've been talking about, we really started to feel like, "Hey, these are some strategic conversations around what's working for financial institutions that we thought maybe we should share with other marketers and executives at other banks and credit unions." So we decided maybe would hit record on some of those conversations and make a podcast out of it, and share some of what we've been figuring out for our partners and our clients.

Penne VanderBush:

Absolutely. We're so excited. We've got such talent on our team. We've got so many individuals with banking, credit union experience in their past. And with working with our clients across the entire country, we're able to see what a lot of others don't see, which is the data resulting from running multiple campaigns, a lot of AB testing in different marketplaces. And we can bring all of that information and knowledge to all of our clients. And then we thought, "Why not bring that to everyone in the financial industry?" So this is for bank and credit union marketers, sales professionals, executives. We're going to talk about what is working, what isn't working, where we failed, where we've succeeded, what we're AB testing, campaign strategy. We might have some guests on the show. We're just very excited to bring all of this knowledge to any financial institution professional.

Meredith Olmstead:

So, awesome. I hope that you all will continue listening to some of our podcasts and watching our videos and come along with us and let's make it happen.

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