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The FI GROW Team

Trusted Partners & Digital Teachers

Let's Make it Happen!

Our Mission

At FI GROW we believe traditional bank marketing is broken. Fragmented digital efforts waste money and produce bleak results. We create robust digital experiences that align your marketing and sales efforts and enable your institution to have a meaningful impact and achieve your goals.

Our objective is to enable community-based financial institutions to use digital marketing success to drive meaningful and lasting impacts in their local communities.


Here's Why Bank Marketing is Broken

Incomplete and disjointed digital efforts are often a complete waste of money. Marketing isn’t generating leads and when they do these leads are rarely passed effectively to sales for follow-up. Community-based financial institutions won’t survive the next 10 years without effective digital innovation.

Our Solution

We build robust digital branch experiences that put marketing and sales on the same team while also creating an impeccable user experience for customers.

Digital branches replace old school websites and disjointed marketing channels so you can delight customers, create a more positive workplace, and ensure your institution will not only grow but thrive in the evolving digital economy.


Meredith New Headshot

Meredith Olmstead

"As the child of two life-long credit union professionals, I was literally born for this work... Bringing sound financial solutions to the next generation is what makes doing my job so meaningful to me.”

Meredith is the CEO of FI GROW Solutions, a financial institution digital marketing agency with team members and clients nationwide.

Under Meredith's leadership, her team has truly mastered creating a cohesive digital investment strategy that yields guaranteed results.

As a partner and innovator, Meredith loves using her background in teaching to help clients build the internal skills necessary to achieve lasting digital growth. Working with her agency team and so many amazing clients makes Meredith absolutely love Mondays!

Turns out life-work balance can be achieved... let the FGS approach to digital innovation help your team learn more today!

Penne Headshot


"You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow.”

With over 14 years of experience in financial industry marketing and former VP of Marketing for the largest state-chartered credit union in Vermont, Penne joined FI GROW Solutions as a Chief Strategy Officer with a desire to help financial institutions build and implement digital strategies to stay relevant in the evolving Fintech landscape.

Her holistic approach to sales and marketing strategies integrates retail, operations, IT, and other areas of the institution to ensure success upon implementation. Penne focuses on increasing engagement, ROI, and bottom-line impact by implementing social, digital, and inbound methodologies that align with your strategic plan.

Penne thrives off developing and implementing strategies that are unique for your institution to help you grow.


Nida Ajaz

„Your marketing message is as important is the media you use to communicate it”

Nida is an enthusiastic and results-driven marketer with a combined experience of over 9 years in business development, marketing strategy, and strategic planning, with over 5+ years of experience in the financial industry marketing. 

Nida is passionate about the 'people helping people' philosophy and has served in the Young Leaders for Kids board for Credit Unions for Kids and helping the cause of Children's Miracle Network.

Digital Marketing can sometimes be perceived to be lacking human connection if done incorrectly, so she tries to help bring a cohesive strategy to your digital marketing that focuses on integrating your physical branch culture to your digital branch.

Ida Headshot square

Ida Burr

Ida has a passion for the ever-changing digital world and helping financial institutions capture their ideal customers through ads.

With over 6-years experience specifically doing digital marketing and content development in the banking industry, Ida seeks out the latest trends, as her goal is always to ensure the best results for FI GROW’s clients. Working with many financial institutions over the years, Ida has identified tips and tricks relevant to the industry to attract new potential customers and engage current customers through digital channels.

Using web and Facebook analytic tools, Ida will monitor your campaign progress and audience engagement and help your financial institution grow!

Bryan Headshot

Bryan Majano

“When it comes down to it, nothing trumps execution.”     - Gary Vaynerchuck

Bryan has 5+ years of digital marketing experience ranging from start-to-finish project management, initial strategic planning to execution, and ongoing optimization.

At FI GROW, Bryan leverages his proficiency with the content creation and social media marketing tools to manage and optimize clients ongoing monthly social media schedules across Facebook and Instagram.

rebecca Headshot copy

Rebecca Gwaltney

Create. Innovate. Inspire.

"I have a passion for creativity and helping clients succeed. Combining these passions, I find new excitement each day doing what I love - designing unique digital content to engage and attract new members and customers for our clients."

Rebecca has thirteen years of experience as a credit union marketing professional. An essential part of the FSG team, she creates innovative branded inbound marketing campaigns to help our clients reach their strategic goals.


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