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    How to Launch a Profitable
    Digital Branch

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    Meredith Olmstead, CEO/Founder of FI GROW Solutions
    All - emphasis on loans
    Website/Digital Branch

    In this 'new normal' world, building a full-service digital branch is no longer a great goal for some time in the future... It's a necessity NOW!! Here is a lively discussion of how to build an online branch that fits your budget, provides seamless customer service, plenty of self-help opportunities, and does it all without interruption - 24/7/365!

    This webinar is suitable for:

    • Innovative leaders trying to thrive during current times
    • Executives who want to tackle building a digital branch for long-term sustainability and not looking for a quick-fix band-aid approach

    This webinar includes:

    • Discussion about the need for a paradigm shift in how you plan and operate your digital branch
    • Strategic focus on quantifying digital as an asset rather than a traditional marketing expense
    • Review of our step-by-step process for building a digital branch with the right budget and tools
    • Case Studies and examples of financial institutions thriving with a profitable digital branch
    Using Video and Social Media to Promote Mortgage Products and Services

    Using Video and Social Media to Promote Mortgage Products and Services

    An information-packed session filled with examples, tips, and tricks that will drive mortgage growth. To stay competitive in today's market, community banks and credit unions must embrace digital marketing tools to create a more personal touch in their marketing and sales strategies. Learn how to humanize your marketing and sales processes with digital tools.