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Here's what some of our customers are saying about us...

The [FI Grow] team truly cares about producing results for their clients. Every project includes Key Progress Indicators, and they track our success in meeting these indicators on every project.
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Anthony B.
VP Marketing, St. Mary's Credit Union

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…they understand the market and what our members want, and are thorough in their research and deliverables from the strategic goals all the way to the tasks required to meet those goals, and they know the importance of ROI.”
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Angie A. 
AVP Marketing, AERO Federal Credit Union

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"The FI GROW team were very helpful in guiding us through the Social Media framework. Their suggestions were extremely insightful, and very relevant to our business. They understand Credit Unions and the limited marketing resources that smaller companies have. They successfully onboarded our new Digital Marketing Specialist, who is performing at a very high level since our consulting engagement. I highly recommend them."
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Kimberly M.
VP Human Resources & Marketing, Interior Federal Credit Union

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… they take all of the elements of social media marketing — from strategy to budgeting to content to lead generation to tracking, etc. — and help CUs implement effective programs that make the most of human and financial resources. We think that all CUs should work with FI Grow!
mike g.jpg

Mike G. 
Co-founder, Today's Credit Unions

“When we were first getting started with FI Grow, Meredith and her team explained what they planned to do for us, and we trusted their insight and experience to deliver what they said they would. So glad we put it in their hands….the engagement and activity their efforts generated for us in the social media space has been outstanding.”
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David G.
VP Marketing, America's Credit Union

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“...they were an absolute dream team to work with. Even though our Credit Union only did the 8 week program, I got so much out of it to continue what they helped us start. The incredible women that run this company are extremely knowledgeable and so thorough! Every step of the way is so well planned but also flexible if need be. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a social media or content marketing overhaul.”
alyssa s.jpg

Alyssa S.
Marketing Assistant, FinancialEdge Credit Union

FE_vertica transparent.png
"Meredith gave an excellent presentation at GCUA's annual convention last year on social media. She has a knack for making something that can be confusing and overwhelming understandable. She provided our credit unions with ideas that they could immediately take back to their shop and implement."
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Kristi A.
VP Information Development, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

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"Working with our FI Grow team, we are able to drive direct, qualified conversions from our social channels which is quite exciting. We are averaging about 20% of new member leads being generated through Facebook and Instagram. Our credit union and Board can easily see the value of maintaining quality, targeted content. We connect daily with our target personas in a way that encourages them to take action which translates to direct growth for our organization."
Jenn Wade image

Jennifer W.
CMO, Deer Valley Credit Union

DVCU Logo Image

“Meredith delivers an impactful and energetic presentation that leaves attendees with many takeaways for their respective organizations. Always thought provoking and leaving the audience eager for more! A delight to work with, I highly recommend Meredith for any event where you are considering digital marketing.”

Lauren D. Image

Lauren D.
VP of Professional Development, Carolinas Credit Union League