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Create a Digital Marketing System That is Proven to Drive Results

Inbound Marketing

Combining content strategy and email marketing with marketing automation, and your unbeaten customer/member service will help us turn your digital marketing into a lead generating machine!

Our unique digital campaign structure uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that shows direct results from your marketing efforts to accounts and loan growth.



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Website Design

Your website serves as your digital branch, and it's open 24/7/365. This branch needs to treat every person coming to your homepage as a person walking through the front door.

We will guide you to personalize to the individual user's experience and seamlessly drive trackable results and data to help maintain and improve your buying journey. All our content is SEO-optimized and helps you rank higher on organic search driving new traffic to both grow new accounts and then cross-sell to existing customers or members.


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The most important aspect of any financial institution is its brand. The brand exists even if you have not spent effort on building it. It is your everyday practices, your internal culture, your voice when communicating with consumers on all marketing channels, and what a consumer experiences when interacting with your organization. We help build a brand or work on an existing brand to make it more cohesive and memorable in order to drive more engaging consumer experiences.


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Merger Communication

Every merger is unique. It is very important when any organization goes through mergers and acquisitions to have a seamless integration. We develop a custom strategy that aligns with your brand, tailored to your specific needs. We will help with project management, staff and customer communication as well as press and media kits. We will help merge your digital assets like social accounts, website, and all digital communication in a simple manner so you can focus on building a successful new organization.

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Working with our FI Grow team, we are able to drive direct, qualified conversions from our social channels which is quite exciting. We are averaging about 20% of new member leads being generated through Facebook and Instagram. Our credit union and Board can easily see the value of maintaining quality, targeted content. We connect daily with our target personas in a way that encourages them to take action which translates to direct growth for our organization.

Jenn W.


When we were first getting started with FI Grow, Meredith and her team explained what they planned to do for us, and we trusted their insight and experience to deliver what they said they would. So glad we put it in their hands….the engagement and activity their efforts generated for us in the social media space has been outstanding.

David G.

VP Marketing, America's Credit Union
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