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Step 3: Ongoing Optimization

Our final stage will prove the value of your digital efforts on bottom line revenue. 
Sales Training & On-site

We provide onsite or remote training sessions for sales teams and tools to show direct ROI from your marketing efforts.

One-on-One Sales Coaching

Meet with one of our sales coaches weekly to overcome internal challenges and identify opportunities to improve.

Revenue Reporting

Track potential revenue impacts in real-time, with sales deal boards, configured to reflect current new account and loan leads.

Automated Report Options

Send reports daily/weekly/monthly to team members to drive ongoing communication and better organizational buy-in.

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Real-Time Reporting

Our final stage will include creating dynamic reports that enable your team to continue to optimize their efforts and prove the value of your digital efforts on bottom line revenue. These results can then be shared automatically with any members of the team or senior management on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Campaigns that Convert

Your team will create measurable digital product and process campaigns for deepening relationships with your members/customers and better connect marketing efforts with sales follow up and new accounts or loan impacts.

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Sales Coaching

Our sales coach will conduct both group and individual trainings for your sales professionals to work through their individual challenges and ensure the team is up to speed on the HubSpot tool and all other tools and methodologies being implemented. This new Sales and Inbound Marketing Team will then meet regularly to ensure marketing success and new account and loan tracked conversions.

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Maybe you should work with us!

If you are frustrated with fragmented digital efforts that yield bleak results, work with us to create robust digital experiences that align your marketing and sales efforts and enable your institution to have a meaningful impact and achieve your goals!

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