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Step 1: Assessment and Roadmap

Assessment findings lead the development of a 24-month roadmap.

Roadmap to Digital Success

After a complete assessment in six main areas, Strategic Goals, Brand Continuity, Marketing Channels, Digital User Experience Testing, and Data Results and Tracking you will receive a 24-month comprehensive marketing and sales roadmap. This roadmap will include timelines for implementing necessary changes by area of impact.

Areas Of Assessment


Strategic Goals Assessment

Purpose: Understanding organizational structure, priorities, goals and culture (On-site or Virtual)

During this step, we will build rapport with your team, and we will also review your revenue goals, partnerships (SEGS), and product lines.

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Brand Continuity Assessment

Purpose: Analyzing brand components across online and offline channels

During this step we will ascertain how you have defined your brand and whether it is consistent across channels. It's key to understand how your customers perceive your brand and how your brand is being embodied within your branches, staff, and internal culture.

assessment framework individual steps-2



Marketing Channels Assessment

Purpose: We’ll look at how marketing efforts align with your corporate strategy and growth goals.

During this step we will analyze your current marketing strategy and how digital channels are being used. Including content strategy, social media, email marketing, digital ad spending, overall marketing channel implementation, and budget allocation.

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Digital User Experience Testing

Purpose: To testing the full web/mobile user experience & identify points of friction in the buying journey.

We will do a full web and mobile user experience analysis, including testing your online buyer’s journey. We will also review, content, mobile application, online applications, onboarding experience.

assessment framework individual steps-4



Data and Result Tracking Analysis

Purpose: Investigate How Marketing Data, Budget & Brand Drive Your Current Growth Strategy.

Work to better understand what tools you have in place to capture customer/member data and how it is currently being used for marketing segmentation. We want to identify how the success of the marketing is being tracked and what tools are currently in place.

assessment framework individual steps-5



24-Month Digital Roadmap

Purpose: Build a Roadmap of Final Strategic Marketing Recommendations and Next Steps.

What's Next?

After your full Digital Assessment and completed Roadmap you can choose to work with our team at FI GROW to implement necessary priorities toward creating your new digital branch.




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