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Marketing Your Financial Institution: Incredible Email Campaign Results

Ida Burr
Oct 9, 2018 3:40:00 PM

Recently we ran a 'Back to School' email nurture campaign for one of our clients. The main goal of this campaign was to get people to the credit union's website and promote all the great content the CU has to offer their subscribers and members. The results were out of this world!

Take a look and see if there's some ideas you can implement for your own bank or credit union marketing. Or read our Ultimate Guide to Successful Inbound Marketing for Your Financial Institution.


Email 1 Subject: [3 Blogs] College, Credit Card Spending & Beyond 

Sent: Wednesday @ 5:41PM - 15.28% Open Rate

This email was sent to the FI's entire email list - over 20,000 people. Most of these contacts are current members, but some are contacts from eBook downloads or blog subscriptions. The open rate was a little low, but we were thrilled that 63% of the people who opened the email actually spent time reading the ENTIRE email. This almost never happens!

Q3 College Nurture 2017 - 1.jpg

It Read: 

Hi (Contact First Name),

With the end of summer quickly approaching many of our members have family or friends preparing for college in the coming weeks.

These times of life often prove expensive and stressful. So, we have a few new articles we'd like to share that offer some great advice and detail a few mistakes to avoid!

If you find these blogs interesting or useful please feel free to forward them to friends or family. 

All the Best,

At the bottom, there were 3 blogs. One blog was about financial mistakes to avoid in college, one was about common mistakes parents make with a college saving plan, and one was about what borrowers need to know about student loan repayment. The only other links in this email were social share buttons.


Email 2 Subject: What Are You Forgetting? 😱 

Sent: Following Thursday @ 5:57PM - 61.01% Open Rate

Wait, what? Yes, you read that open rate correctly!

Q3 College Nurture 2017 - 2.jpg

This email was only sent to people who opened the first email (just over 3,000) and contained an offer for a free guide and packing list for college dorm life. It also contained a couple of blogs about college savings plans and common misconceptions about how to pay off loans quickly. Also, (of course) had social sharing buttons.

There were 48 link clicks - 50% to the Guide


Email 3 Subject: College is EXPENSIVE! 💵

Sent: Two Weeks Later - Thursday @ 6:36PM - 56.55% Open Rate

Q3 College Nurture 2017 - 3.jpg

This email showcased another free eBook, a survival guide on how to pay for college, as well as a blog about the worst advice we've heard about a college savings plan and essential elements you must know about how to get a student loan.

There were 62 link clicks - 50% of which were to the eBook


Email 4: Back To School 📚 

Sent: Four Weeks Later - Friday @ 3:28PM - 51.18% Open Rate

This was the final email!

Q3 College Nurture 2017 - 4.jpg

It Read:

Hi There,

Summer is over and many of our members have family or friends off to college.

These times of life often prove hectic and stressful. Here are a few new articles we'd like to share that offer some great advice!

If you find these blogs interesting or useful please feel free to forward them to friends or family. 

All the Best,

At the bottom there were three new blogs about college and we had 47 clicks.


Now, I know what you're thinking, what exactly did this campaign accomplish? There were no clear calls to action or product offers... but when I did some digging, we quickly noticed we had a long list of Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) based off of their interaction with the CU's website.

Here are some interesting stats from this campaign:

  • Over 30% of people that were sent these nurture emails opened ALL 4 EMAILS in campaign
  • Of people that opened all emails - over 10% have visited a product page is the last 45 days (Of ALL contacts, only about 3% have visited a product page)
  • 1,008 people opened all emails and 102 have visited a personal product page AND had several interactions within the emails (clicks/downloads)

With Hubspot, we are able to send a list of people like this to sales, and have them look at them on an individual level. We had a list of over 1,000 people that opened several of these emails, AND visited product pages.

Let's say for example, Sally Smith opened 3 out of 4 of these emails, clicked on blogs about college savings and credit card tips AND visited a products page about the CU's VISA Credit Card 2 times this month. Doesn't it sound like someone should follow up with her!?

Want some help getting these kind of results? Contact Us today and we will be happy to give you some pointers! :)

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